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2017 New Sample from the Wonkyu Masterpiece
Date: 2017.03.03 | Views: 947 | By: WeddingRitz

Greeting to Ritz! Today I brought Wonkyu "Masterpiece" 2017 new portfolio. This new sample from Wonkyu Masterpiece is more elegant plus better vintage mood. In order to get imagination to dream about something with your mood, Wonkyu studio has put more than enough efforts on their project of every portfolio and those efforts came back to them as their unique and special merit to let all people know. If you are planning to get pre-wedding photo shoot in Korea with luxury and majestic concepts, Wonkyu "Masterpiece" studio will fulfill your dream comes true in your photos. I highly and strongly recommend this studio for all of you who are looking for something special for the pre-wedding concept. Please call and ask us about Wonkyu "Masterpiece" studio's 2017 new sample that just released now. You will never regret to choose this studio ever.

Enjoy the 2017 new sample from the Wonkyu Masterpiece studio below,

Wonkyu MasterPiece0.jpg 

Wonkyu MasterPiece0-1.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece5.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece6.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece7.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece8.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece9.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece10.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece11.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece12.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece14.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece15.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece16.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece17.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece18.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece19.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece20.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece21.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece22.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece23.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece24.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece25.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece26.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece27.jpg

Wonkyu MasterPiece28.jpg 

Wonkyu MasterPiece29.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece30.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece31.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece32.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece33.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece34.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece35.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece36.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece37.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece38.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece39.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece40.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece41.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece42.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece43.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece44.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece45.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece46.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece47.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece48.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece49.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece50.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece51.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece52.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece53.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece54.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece55.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece56.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece57.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece58.jpg 
Wonkyu MasterPiece59.jpg 

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To ask Wonkyu "Masterpiece" Studio :


WEDDINGRITZ.COM T. 82-2-515-4235 EMAIL : 


  1. Author

    Jessie Keung

    Hong Kong (*.218.64.208)


    Love the style! The photos are stunning.

    I am writing from Hong Kong and may I check with you if there's any timeslot available in this coming June for the pre-wedding shooting please?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you,


  2. Author


    Korea, Republic of (*.79.137.7)
    Dear Jessie, 

    Thank you for your interest about us.^^ 

    Point : Wonkyu or Terrace studio in this June / July .

    All basic information will be emailed to you so please take your time to look at all the details!
    If you have any questions about details, please feel free to let us know through email. 
    Looking forward to it. 
    Have a great day! 

    Best Regards,
  3. Author


    United States (*.77.187.140)


    Can you tell me the details of this shoot? Thank you!

  4. Author


    Korea, Republic of (*.98.38.44)
    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you for your interest about us :-)

    Point : Korea Pre-Wedding PhotoShoot Package Info ^^

    We need your preference period for photo-shoot and studio as well Kindly notice us via email.
    I put some studio packages price of korea pre wedding that are proving the best pre wedding photoshoot. 

    If you have any questions about details, please feel free to let us know through email. 
    Looking forward to it. 
    Have a great day! 

    Best Regards,

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