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Korea Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Review of Micah Coupl...
Date: 2016.12.28 | Views: 235 | By: WeddingRitz

Greeting Ritz! Here I introduce a Review of our customer, Micah couple who took their Korea pre-wedding photo shoot at St. Jungwoo studio. If you want to take the photo shoot based on lovely and cute concept, St. Jungwoo will be the best choice. This studio will make you touching and satisfied more than enough with their natural pictures. St. Jungwoo provides to take some road scenes in front of the studio so many customers like it very much. There is some big promotions from the St. Jungwoo studio for their 10 years anniversary so please, contact us to get one for your Korea pre-wedding photo shoot. We guarantee that you will have the most beautiful and unforgettable memories with this studio by WeddingRitz. 

Let's check out Micah couple's photo by St. Jungwoo studio below,

Micah St. Jungwoo1.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo2.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo3.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo4.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo5.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo6.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo7.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo8.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo9.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo10.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo11.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo12.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo13.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo14.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo15.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo16.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo17.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo18.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo19.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo20.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo21.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo22.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo23.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo24.JPG


Micah St. Jungwoo25.JPG



  1. Author


    Canada (*.83.68.26)


    my fiancé and I are planning for a pre wedding shoot on the last week of Feb 2017. We are interested in something similar to the  St. Jungwoo 

    studio. Can you please provide me more details about the package and how it works?

    Thank you 

  2. Author


    Korea, Republic of (*.134.47.136)
    Dear Vivian

    Thank you for your interest about us.^^

    Studio : ST JUNGWOO Studio Package in Last week Feb 2017 ^^

    All basic information will be emailed to you so please take your time to look at all the details!
    If you have any questions about details, please feel free to let us know through email. 
    Looking forward to it. 
    Have a great day! 

    Best Regards,

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