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Korea Pre Wedding 2017 New sample from Luce, Bailey's
Date: 2016.12.20 | Views: 684 | By: WeddingRitz

Hello, Ritz family! Here I brought 2017 new sample from the Luce studio. 2017 New sample "Bailey's" just came out. New sample is covered with the Luce's original style and upgrade to be more romantic and elegant on top of it. So we highly recommend the Luce studio if you want a studio that can take the photo shoot with you on the natural side but luxury. Moreover, there will be a free dress of Choijaehoon's given by the Luce studio if you take them. It will make you having better and more pleasant and unforgettable memory in the rest of your life. 

Enjoy the Luce studio's 2017 New sample below,

Luce Studio_Bailey's1.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's2.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's3.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's4.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's5.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's6.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's7.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's8.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's9.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's10.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's12.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's13.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's14.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's15.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's16.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's17.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's18.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's19.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's20.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's21.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's22.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's23.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's24.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's25.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's26.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's27.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's28.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's29.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's30.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's31.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's32.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's33.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's34.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's35.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's36.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's37.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's38.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's39.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's40.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's41.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's42.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's43.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's44.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's45.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's46.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's47.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's48.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's49.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's50.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's51.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's52.jpg


Luce Studio_Bailey's53.jpg

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To ask Luce Studio "Bailey's" :

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Business hours / 9am - 7pm / Monday -Saturday
58-6, 2F Samseongdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea POST-CODE : 135-870
TEL: 82-2-515-4235 / FAX: 82-2-514-4399
E-mail : ritzmaster@weddingritz.comViewer


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