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As one of the first wedding planning organizations in Seoul, Wedding Ritz brings together top planners and consultants to bring our clients vision and dreams for their wedding day to life. We have partnerships with the most renowned photography studios, dress boutiques and salons, which allow us to offer special pricing to our valued clients. We emphasize professionalism, individualism and modernity and the utmost in quality customer service.

We are here to assist you from start to finish in planning your perfect day. We recognize that each client is unique so whatever need or request you may have, be it great or small, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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  1. Author

    林祖輝 Secret Hong Kong

    Jul.16.2017 16:23
  2. Author

    WeddingRitz Korea, Republic of

    Jul.20.2017 10:02

    1) 價錢係包影幾張相,包晒出離又係幾張相, 相簿又會有幾張相? 定話會有其他野包

    A. 1.一本30页入册的相册(在韩国制作完成)


       3. 原装所有400〜600张相片档案

       4. 30页已排版档案(入相册相框的30张照片的

    2) 全程影幾日


    3) 衫有冇話包幾套甘樣架?

    4) 酒店係幾日


    5) 幫提供佢地韓國正確地址, 同酒店地址


    6) 睇8月初會唔會有時间?


  3. Author

    Chan yin ching Secret Hong Kong

    Jul.12.2017 00:05
  4. Author

    WeddingRitz Korea, Republic of

    Jul.12.2017 07:08

    We will check the information about retouching at May Studio and respond by e-mail or telephone. 

    There are a lot of customers in May Studio, so it is a little late in this regard.

    I will care once more.


  5. Author

    Chris Hung Hong Kong

    Jul.10.2017 22:19
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