Piona’s new sample video ‘MOMA’ 20
Piona studio’s new sample video ‘MOMA’. ‘MOMA’ stands for Museum of Modern Art where is a leader of culture in the center of cul
Let me introduce Stacy Couple who (12)
Let me introduce Stacy Couple who took pre-wedding photo shoot in Korea through Weddingritz with a video. Stacy was always keeping her
“Wonkyu difference 2013 sample vid
One Love One Story, A Love story collection,“Wonkyu difference sample video”, the year photo collection 2013 to be grand-cooperate wit
Kelly’s Korea pre-wedding video in
Kelly and his girl friend came to Korea from Brunei. Kelly came with his family and his sister took wedding photo in Seoul. R
Jeju Island Pre-wedding Video Samp (18)
Korea pre-wedding Video sample taken in Jeju Island. It reminds me every time I visit Jeju Island for the photo shooting that Jeju has
'ARTRIUM' Princess Diary 2nd ver V
KOREA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY DongGam Studio's Premium Brand 'Artrium Lee' is presenting 'Life is Another Story', the second version of Pr
S Studio 'Modern Times' Sample vid
KOREA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY S Studio, the beloved one with the gorgeous romantic photos, would like to present the photos and the vide
Jeju Island still and video pre-we
Migaro Studio pre-wedding photo shoot in Jeju. beautiful and warm styles of photographs of the bride and groom in Jeju Island. Luxuri
"My_First_Lady Studio" for custome (7)
"My_First_Lady Studio". Customers who want the splendor meet luxurious studios. Here, we would like to introduce you the ver1.0 Min Hy

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Korea pre-wedding shoot - Ivan and Yanwen Couple
I want to introduce to Ivan and Yanwen Couple. Wedding Ritz's is really greatful to take with A very Fashionable guy Ivan and very pretty bride Yanwen's pre-wedding photoshoot in Korea. They also prepared their gowns and also Dave escorted Ivan and Yanwen full day during their pre-wedding shoot with outdoor shoot. in spite of our photograp...
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Korea Pre-wedding Photoshoot- Catherine and Andy Couple
Today, I want to introduce to Catherine and Andy Couple. Catherine and Andy came to Seoul from Hong Kong for their pre-wedding photography, but there were a few mistake to have the dress tour at the first day we met. on the shooting date, a translator has changed to Dave (Our Head manager), so Dave has escorted Catherine and Andy whole du...
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Korea Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - JeJu Island Concept 5
Today, We want to introduce to JeJu Island Concept 5,Concept 5 starts taking the pre-wedding photography in JeJu-Island. For the samples of Jeju-Island pre-wedding photography with Concept 5 are very natural and High class of qualities that make brides so lovely and beautiful. Currently, Jeju-Island is most fantastic season for the pre-wed...
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Korea Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - DOOR Studio.
Today, We want to introduce to DOOR Studio, its second brand by KamKak Studio. DOOR Studio is very high class studio that their studio’s concepts are so Polished and Unique style, that You can take your shoot very beautifully with DOOR Studio. The Door Studio is the antic style that most of people like this studio who loves Classic st...
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Korea Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - Rose Rosa Wedding Dress
Today, We discuss with Rose Rosa Wedding Dress shop. Rose Rosa Dress is very elegant, feminine and very fashionable, that Rose Rosa has been using very high quality materials with detailed designing in their product. Rose Rosa dress look so lovely to the bride and their dress make bride so beautiful and gorgeous and they focus on the sim...
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Korea Wedding Dress - Say Hwang Jae Bok
Say Hwang Jae Bok Wedding Classic is most famous in Korea. We want to introduce the second brand of Say Hwang Jae Bok Wedding Classic. Say Hwang Jae Bok's romantic Dress is very detailed of high quality with gorgeous style. so, You can catch directly to the Say HwangJaebok wedding dress with rationality price in Korea. Are you ready to hav...
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korea wedding dress 2014 newone "Nouvallie"
We want to introduce the modernity and classical styles of Wedding Dresses by Nouvell Marie This romantic and luxurious dress made by high quality laces. This is an unique style of dress to add lace materials on the Heart neck line This is very luxurious dress that we made it by one point of semi momadeline so it makes bride to look better...
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Korea Pre-Wedding photoshoots " Tahra Studio ( Myrthen)"
As we posted Tahra Studio which are Modernity and classical styles of La mienne, but now We want to introduce Myrhen. Myrthen is the new sample that it is deeply romantic and more Modernity and luxurious than earlier sample which are Tahra Studio and Tienne
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Korea pre-wedding photo shoot - Anthony & Gogo Couple
Anthony handsome groom and beautiful bride lovely Gogo finally came from Hong Kong to Seoul. Hong Kong is always warm weather to Korea so they feel cold weather. They have been lovingly staring at each other, exchanged praise eyes. Very envious of a couple. They like to take pictures so usually have time to go out to take pictures. They st...
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Korea pre-wedding studio - Tahra Studio "La Miene"
Today we introduce the korea wedding studio is Tahra studio. Tahra studio has two styles one is "La Mienne", the other one is "Myrthen". First, we introduce "La Mienne" style. Indoor tAHRa studio decoration is very luxurious. Their style is so cute and openly. Pursuit of classical and romantic European-style image.
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